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Tantric massage

We help to awaken and support a natural perception of the body. It is based on a thousand-year-old wisdom on sexuality, joy and extasy.

The aim of tantric massage is to release your energy and the joy of life that you will be able to use in the days and weeks to come.

We sensitively tap into our clients’ needs, we agree in advance what they want and don’t want; we suggest options and alternatives.

Tantric massage for women

Tantric massage will help you find the way to yourself as a woman. Gentle, sensitive and loving touch will put you in contact with every part of you – especially with those that usually do not get that much attention. You will tap into your feminine, which is full of pleasure, intuition and love.

Tantric massage for men

The massage for men is intensively sensual. It will help you find out who you really are. Apart from relaxation, it will give you a new bout of energy, clear your thoughts and strengthen your self-esteem. You will stand in your male energy and power, connected with love and joy.

Tantric massage for couples

Tantric massage for couples brings a new depth into their intimate lives. The deep relaxation and sensual pleasure bring more joy, erotic attraction and love into the partnership. There are two masseurs or masseuses.



(1 masseuse/masseur) 3400 Kč (155€, $170)

(2 masseuse/maseur)
6500 Kč (325€, $295)
Recommended for men who haven’t tried tantric massage or for women who do not wish an intimate massage a includes an opening interview, a shower and a concluding interview (… more).

two-hands (1masseuse/masseur) 4400 Kč (190€, $190)

(2 masseuse/maseur)
8000 Kč (360€, $400)
A 3hr massage, recommended especially to women; a longer introductory interview explaining the therapeutical aspects and a  more attention given to the whole body (… more).
For couples
2,5h - 7 000 Kč (295€, $295) 3h - 8 000 Kč (335€, $335)
A beautiful gift not only for you, but also for your partner. This massage can move you in your intimate life and teach you something new and interesting. It includes an initial interview, shower, massage, joint relaxation, sharing after the massage, shower and farewell.

Tantric massage in more detail

  • first you can call and ask all the questions you need to have answered so that you can decide whether tantric massage is what suits you; and in case it does, what kind you should choose
  • then you decide the length of the massage, choose a masseuse or masseur and the date
  • at your arrival here you are welcome by the masseuse or masseur and you will arrange all the aspects of your massage
  • then you have a shower, put on a towel or sarong and go into the massage room where you are awaited by your masseuse or masseur
  • the massage follows your agreement, the masseuse or masseur give their attention only to you, your needs and reactions, so that you feel well, safe and are able to fully enjoy the loving touch
  • you have time to let all the feelings resonate at the end of the massage, you can have shower, dress and then then share about your experience and feelings

Operational rules

  • 1
    Tantric massage is not erotic massage; it does not focus on orgasms and ejaculation, where energy is usually lost (although in a pleasurable way). Tantric massage draws on the thousand-year-old wisdom of using sexuality, love and bliss for the release of the life’s energy that can be used in an area of your life where you need it.
  • 2
    Tantric massage is a one-way process. The touch is given by the masseur to the client only. The client sets their boundaries, intensity and the parts where they want to be massaged and those they want to avoid. The client does not touch the masseur.
  • 3
    Tantric massages are carried out in a strictly hygienic environment and we adhere to hygienic standards. We use only quality natural oils and materials without chemical ingredients.
  • 4
    The masseurs and masseuses are bound with a non-disclosure agreement and will not disclose anything concerning the massage and facts learned during it.
  • 5
    A massage booking is valid only after a confirmation. All payments are made in cash or by bank transfer in advance.

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