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Tantric massage – what is it?

Tantric massage draws on the thousand-year-old wisdom of using sexuality, bliss and mindful attention to release life’s energy and joy. Loving touch in a safe environment positively influences the body, the mind and the heart of the client – a man or a woman. The awakened energy is not lost in a release – the client takes it away and can use it in any part of their life.

What is the difference between tantric massage and sports or erotic massage?

Sports and erotic massage focus mainly on the relaxation of the body. The energy generated during the massage is released, and thus lost – although surely in a pleasurable way. Tantric massage honours the body through a focused, loving attention of the masseur to raise energy that then also benefits the heart and mind.

What is tantric massage like?

First you call us and ask anything you want to know. Then you choose a masseur or a masseuse and the length of the massage. When you arrive, you will have an opening interview with your masseur – you will be able to ask questions and set your boundaries, choose what you want and don’t want. The massage starts with a short ritual that helps you both tune into each other and create a trusting atmosphere. Then your whole body will receive attention. The masseur will be fully focused on you and your reactions, on your wellbeing, sense of safety and enjoying every moment. After the massage you will have time to integrate the experience and slowly return to reality. You can conclude by a sharing and get a feedback.

Which parts are massaged and how?


The whole body is massaged, including the parts that do not get as much attention as the client would like. The client tells their preferences to the masseur during the opening interview, where they are explained the procedures, techniques and materials. The client specifies where they want to be touched gently/firmly, slowly/fast, which parts should be touched more/less – and which should not be touched at all.

Is there a difference between a massage of a man and a woman?


Generally, there is a difference. In female massage we use a gentle, sensitive touch that reconnects the woman with every part of her body, especially the parts that do not get enough attention. We touch pure female substance full of pleasure, love and intuition. In a man, the massage is more sensual, it leads him from his head to his body and apart from relaxation it builds energy, clears the mind and helps the man to stand in his strength, connected with sexuality and love. The masseur is focused on the client and working with his sexual energy, which is why they can combine both the approaches – a male in a woman and a female approach in a man.

Why go for a tantric massage?

During a tantric massage you turn off your head and you will feel your body more. You will get new energy thanks to the bringing together of sensual bliss, joy and loving, conscious touch. You will strengthen your self-confidence and will open more to life. What is more, you will build energy that will fuel the changes in your relationships, your work, health and family – basically anywhere where you want more of life.

Is the tantric massage of intimate parts considered unfaithfulness?

It’s not. During the massage you do experience joy, passion and pleasure – basically you feel good – and if someone really loves their partner, they want them to feel good. When one feels good, it reflects in their behaviour towards those around them. Massage does not create competition to the client’s relationship. The giving of attention and touch goes in one direction – the touch and care come goes from the giver to the receiver – and only during the time assigned for the massage.

Why are we naked during a massage?

Nudity is a natural thing, which supports openness and trust. We symbolically show that we do not hide anything. When we open in such a way in a safe environment, we also start opening to the life itself. The receiving of touch is one-way, only from the masseur to the client. Should the client prefer so, neither the client, nor the masseur is fully naked.

How about orgasms during the massage?

The aim of tantric massage is the awakening and holding onto the energy built up during the massage, not its release in a genital orgasm (possibly with ejaculation). This type of orgasm is alright, but it is not the primary aim – it is rather an exception. The masseur leads the client to distribute the energy to the whole body, to reach so-called full-body (inner) orgasm, where the energy stays in the body and can be used to fuel different areas of one’s life.

Can I ask for sexual services during the massage?

No. Tantric massage uses different means and has a different focus. Sexual services certainly have their place in our society but if you prefer them, you will find a more suitable solution elsewhere.

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