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Healing of body and soul



Get a new perspective in life

by integrating sexuality, love and joy


Tantra Centre Ostrava

Our certified tantric masseuses and masseurs will tune themselves into your feelings and their loving touch will release your life’s power and joy.


Tantric massage

For women

Tantric massage will help you find the way to yourself as a woman. Gentle, sensitive and loving touch will put you in contact with every part of you – especially with those that usually do not get that much attention. You will tap into your feminine, which is full of pleasure, intuition and love.

For men

The male massage is intensively sensual. It will help you find out who you really are. Apart from relaxation, it will give you a new bout of energy, clear your thoughts and strengthen your self-esteem. You will stand in your male energy and power, connected with love and joy.

For couples

Tantric massage for couples brings a new depth into their intimate lives. The deep relaxation and sensual pleasure brings more joy and erotic attraction into the partnership.

There are two masseurs or masseuses.

Referrals of our customers:

The order via the internet was no problem and communication with Tantra Center Ostrava was great. Center is situated in the city center by parking place. It was my first experience with Tantra massage so I fully used the option of conversation before the massage itself where we specified all aspects of the massage. After nice warm shower, the initial ritual of trust began. During the ritual my body started to be relaxed and got ready for what was to happen. On the stomach I experienced massage with the hot stools, feather, rabbit gloves (my favorite) and hot oil. After turning on my back, I was already excited about the whole process being repeated on front of my body. Final massage of penis (really only the massage, nothing sexual) finished it all so no place on my body got forgotten. The whole massage surpassed anything I've ever experienced. Pleasant feelings were very intense. From my point of view, it was the biggest "pampering" I've ever experienced. And what's the main thing, I'm definitely going back there. I would like to thank Radush for an amazing experience, I enjoyed whole 2,5 hours.
Hi Dave and Luci, we have just arrived home fully charged by energy, it accelerated again during the way home:-) We both agreed it was a great experience and we enojoyed it a lot. Thank you again for the unforgettable moments.
Best regards, Adam a Maruškawinners of radio Helax contest
Hello, I'm happy to share, I was letting the impressions fade away. It was certainly a very pleasant experience, rewarding. A beautiful artistic impression was made on me when Honza knelt down and massaged my hand and I opened my eyes and only in the shadow I saw him on the wall, kneeling by the deckchair (maybe he was sitting on the deckchair, I don't know, the shadow gave the impression that he was kneeling). It looked absolutely amazing on International Women's Day :-). My time allocation was chosen correctly, I had the necessary time for everything, I did not feel any pressure, on the contrary, great security, openness, relaxation. I wish all the women of the world could be taken care of like this once in a while. I would also like it for men :-). Where I can share this experience, I recommend you there. 🙂 Once again, big THANKS, I had no expectations, I was really pleasantly surprised.
I have been very satisfied with the massage, it has definitely overcome my expectations; I have enjoyed every moment. The massagist Zuzka has been very gentle, senseful and absolutely gorgeous. Recommend to everyone! 🙏🏻




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We will be happy to display it for you or your loved ones that you want to present as a gift. Contact us at info@tantracentrumostrava.cz or call (+420) 774 778 880.